Business Certification Program

The Family Friendly Workplace (FFW) Certification® is an initiative to connect the business community, families and the nonprofits that support families. This trademark registered program gives employers the opportunity to earn the Family Friendly Workplace certification for workplace practices that support families and provide financial support to early childhood education and other family supporting programs.

A group of experts in human resources and business consulting, as well as early childhood professionals, have guided FFW’s Certification Program and established Gold, Silver, and Bronze certification levels. To achieve these levels, employers must provide minimum levels of benefits, have an array of Family Friendly practices, and make a commitment to contribute to a family supporting nonprofit(s) in their area. Upon certification, employers receive a media toolkit and access to other items that can help to acknowledge and promote their certification.

Employers that are interested in becoming more Family Friendly, but don’t want, or qualify, to be certified in the certification program, can always participate in sharing of best practices, and are recognized as a “FFW Participant”.


To become certified as a Family Friendly Workplace, the employer completes a survey that documents the benefits, policies, and practices that are provided to employees. This survey, along with an interview by FFW staff, would serve as the foundation for determining eligibility for certification and the level of certification. During this process, it is common to uncover unique practices that the employer has that benefit employees and their families, and it's also an opportunity to suggest new policies that can elevate the employer's family friendliness.


The only cost to the employer is philanthropic. As a certified or participating employer, FFW targets a minimum annual contribution of ten (10) dollars per FTE to be channeled through FFW's conduit to a 501(c)3 non-profit engaged in family supporting programing. The employer, in collaboration with FFW, determines which non-profit should receive the contribution, and full credit for the contribution is given to the certified or participating employer.

Examples of eligible non-profits are: Family Resource Center St Croix Valley, United Way’s Success by 6 Program, YMCA, Community Food Shelves, and many more. In general, eligible non-profits need to be a 501(c)3 organization under the IRS code.


Certified and Participant employers are asked to commit to making progress toward becoming more Family Friendly individually, and to contributing to the success of the community of Family Friendly employers. This commitment can be fulfilled in many ways. Examples range from simply sharing a policy on a PTO donation program for employees with long-term health issues to drafting a white paper on the use of employer sponsored health clinics, or discussing the impact of other Family Friendly policies. These articles would be retained and available for other certified and participant employers, and could be shared on the FFW social media platforms or via a newsletter.

Other forms of commitment include serving as part of the review committee that establishes certification standards, or helping with educational webinars and events promoting FFW.

Matrix and Getting In Touch

If you are interested in becoming certified, please get in touch with us on our Contact page. The matrix we use to certify companies is available below.

Certification Matrix

Certified Companies

Xcel Energy

OEM Fabricators

Bremer Bank

Western Wisconsin Health

Family Resource Center

First National Community Bank

St. Croix Electric Co-op

JA Counter

MidWest One Bank

St. Croix Central School District

Vibrant Health

Heywood, Cari, & Anderson

River Falls School District

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau

Westfields Hospital and Clinic

Redmon Law

Amery Hospital and Clinic

Catalyst Sports Medicine