We believe in elevating the success of families and children

and contributing to building communities that thrive socially and economically.

Addressing Our Workforce Shortage

Addressing Our Workforce Shortage

Working to make western Wisconsin known as the premier destination to raise a family.
Addressing Our Workforce Shortage

Strengthening Families

Encouraging businesses to adopt policies and practices which support early childhood and family bonding.
Addressing Our Workforce Shortage

Certifying Employers

Addressing our goals by helping employers recruit and retain talent.

Family Friendly Workplaces works to address western Wisconsin’s workforce shortage, and strengthen western Wisconsin families, by certifying employers as Family Friendly, and encouraging the adoption of Family Friendly practices.

Certified Employers

Visit our Certified Employers directory to see who in western Wisconsin has demonstrated a strong commitment to the well being of their employees’ families.

Corporate Sponsors

Bremer Bank
Xcel Energy
Osceola Medical Center
Krumm Exterirors
OEM Fabricators, Inc.

Being recognized as a Family Friendly Workplace reinforces UWRF’s commitment to its employees. The university prides itself on supporting employees with robust benefits, enrichment programming and an environment of belonging. We believe the Family Friendly Workplace designation will strengthen our reputation as an employer of choice in St. Croix Valley. This organization embodies the values of our community and reflects our supportive, collaborative culture.

Michelle Best
Chief Human Resources Office

Our bold vision in the University’s strategic plan is to attain national distinction in health and human wellbeing. Being recognized as a Family Friendly Workplace reflects our collective commitment to the wellbeing of our faculty, staff and students. We value deeply our colleagues and will continue to seek opportunities to create a positive environment at UW-Eau Claire for them and their families.

James Schmidt
UW-Eau Claire

Family Friendly Workplaces aligns perfectly with Schaffer Manufacturing’s mission to add more value to the stakeholders than they add to the business. We are a people-centric workplace whose primary goal is to improve the lives of those we work with. Family Friendly Workplace’s focus on promoting benefits that directly impact families in a positive way is essential to the vitality of our communities. The way employers treat their team members plays a critical role in positive outcomes for their families. We have a huge responsibility to the next generation and there is a ripple effect of the decisions we make that must be considered carefully!

Steve Schaffer
Schaffer Manufacturing

CCHS is pleased to become certified with Family Friendly Workplaces, as it is a platform for us to promote our workplace and the benefits we offer to our employees. Our organization serves seniors living their best lives, however, we also lift up our employees and their families so that everyone can be surrounded everyone with love, support and compassion.

Pamela Klingfus
Christian Community Homes and Services

All of us at Krumm Exteriors and Kangaroof are excited to showcase our certification with Family Friendly Workplace and corporate sponsorship. As the workforce shrinks and career opportunities increase, open positions in our company can be hard to fill. I read there are on average approx. 400K opening for skilled workers in the construction field. The Family Friendly Workplace certification gives us a platform to promote our workplace, the benefits we offer, promotion of a positive work culture, and the importance we put on family.

Penny Austad
Owner/General Manager - Operations
Krumm Exteriors