Helping Businesses Support Their Employees

People are the most important resource for any business. Family Friendly Workplaces partners with employers to ensure they have the policies and practices to effectively recruit, retain, and support their employees and their families.

For many employers, limited knowledge of best practices and limited time to fully research potential policy changes can hinder adoption of Family Friendly policies. In many cases, Family Friendly Practices do not need to break the bank, and can have dramatic and positive impacts on employee recruitment and retention.

Family Friendly Workplaces works collaboratively with organizations to adopt Family Friendly Practices by providing a one-stop-shop to learn about the wide-range of Family Friendly Practices available, and to learn about the financial impacts of potential practices.

Employers that are interested in becoming more Family Friendly and who partner with Family Friendly Workplaces in this way, but don’t want, or qualify, to be certified in the certification program, can always participate in sharing of best practices, and are recognized as a “FFW Participant”.

If you are interested in learning more about the ways Family Friendly Workplaces can partner with you, please contact us using the Contact Us page.